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Become a Precinct Committeeperson Today!

The role of Precinct Committeeperson (PC) is vital to candidates running for office, and to your County party. The DuPage Elections Commission describes the role of a Precinct Committeeperson this way:

The grass roots and foundation of the political parties are its precinct committeepersons. They serve as the foot soldiers to the most fundamental political unit of government, the precinct. The precinct committeeperson helps shape party policy and participates in the selection process of candidates. A precinct committeeperson is elected to a two-year term in the even-year primary elections.

Precinct Map

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Expectations of a Precinct Committeeperson:

  • Represent the party's voters at the county central committee convention to elect the county central chairman and its officers. The precinct committeeperson casts a total number of party votes, (weighted vote), as cast in the precinct at the recent primary election.

  • Attend and become involved in the party's Township meetings.

  • Become a voter registrar and register all qualified constituents.

  • Appoint and fill vacancies of election judges for the precinct polling place.

  • Provide candidate and election information to the voters.

  • Become familiar with the elected officials and legislatures so the concerns of the voters can be passed on to them.